World War II Dutch Spy Banda MacLeod

About the World War II Dutch spy Banda MacLeod, her biography and history, the daughter of Mata Hari.

Banda MacLeod (Mata Hari's daughter). Dutch. Worked for: Allies, W.W. II.

Banda, a schoolteacher in Java, was a bright, personable young socialite who frequently entertained foreign diplomats, military officers, and journalists. When Japan invaded Java, Banda's uncle, in the service of the Japanese Army, threatened to expose her as Mata Hari's daughter if she did not "use" her parties to gather information for the Japanese. Banda agreed, but actually she became a double agent. Through her trusted friend and lover, a man named Abdul (who also pretended to work for the Japanese but was a member of the Indonesian underground), Banda passed information to the Allies. Banda's work alerted the Allies to Japanese plans for the Battle of Guadalcanal, plus other major attacks in the Pacific. When the war ended, she fought for Indonesian independence from the Dutch. After independence was established under Dr. Sukarno, Banda spied for the U.S. in Communist China, where she reported on military strength and told of Russian supplies being fed into the country. In 1950, she went to North Korea, and from there she predicted the 38th Parallel invasion of South Korea. After her arrest by the communists, Banda was sentenced, without a trial, to die. She appeared before a firing squad at 5:45 A.M., the same time that Mata Hari had died many years before. (NOTE: While most historians acknowledge the existence and accomplishments of a female spy named Banda, some claim that she was not the daughter of Mata Hari. As one writer says: "If Mata Hari had been her mother, which is highly improbable, then Banda must have been 50 when she had her final adventure in espionage, whereas in most of the stories written about her, she appears as a beautiful young woman with romantic tendencies in this period of her life.")

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