World War II French and German Spy Mathilde Carre

About the World War II spy Mathilde Carre who first spied for the French Resistance then for Germany.

Mathilde Carre. French. Worked for: France and Germany, W.W. II.

One of the most beautiful and successful of the female spies was slinky, green-eyed, sensuous Mathilde Carre, nicknamed "The Cat." When France fell to the Germans, The Cat set up an espionage unit with a Polish general whom she lovingly called "Armand." They worked closely with the French resistance movement, and Mathilde traveled freely as a contact in occupied France. When arrested in 1941, she was given an ultimatum by the Germans: Become a double agent or die. From then on, The Cat worked for the enemy and led them to the doorways of over 35 key French resistance men. When tried for treason by the French in 1949, she wept hysterically as the death sentence was pronounced. It was commuted to life imprisonment, but she was released in 1954.

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