Would You Believe It Trivia and Random Facts

A collection of trivia and random facts from the Would You Belive It book by Sanders, Girling, and Davies.


Deidre Sanders, Dick Girling, Derek Davies, and Rick Sanders, collaborated to produce one of the top odd-fact books published in Great Britain. It was entitled Would You Believe It?, "Useless information you can't afford to be without," and it appeared in 1973.

1. "There was once a Society for the Prevention of People Being Buried Alive, and a number of devices were patented to help further the members' aims. The simplest of these was an ordinary electric bell, by means of which anyone who woke up down below could raise the alarm. A more cynical device was a coffin fitted with nails which, when driven home, punctured capsules of poison gas."

2. "Guards at the jail at Alamos in Mexico have to serve out the sentences of any prisoners who escape while they are on duty."

3. "You share your birthday with at least 9 million others."

4. "Organized crime in the U.S. represents 1/10 of the national income."

5. "New Yorkers drink 2 million cups of coffee every 20 minutes."

6. "Cecil Rhodes [British South African who made a fortune in the Kimberley diamond mines and died in 1902, providing for the Rhodes Scholarships] left large sums of money in his 1st will to the cause of subverting the U.S. and bringing it back to its rightful place in the British Empire."

7. "The lives of 70% of the world's population are unviolated by newspapers, radio, television, or telephone."

8. "Among the personal effects left in King Farouk's palace after his flight from Egypt [after a military revolution in 1952] were: a number of pocket radiation counters, each inscribed 'Measure nuclear energy yourself'; a vast collection of American comic books; 6 bedside telephones; 50 walking sticks; 75 pairs of binoculars; 1,000 ties, many with 5" monograms; a series of photographs of copulating elephants; one of the largest stamp collections in the world; and a $20 double eagle which had disappeared some years previously from the museum of the Philadelphia Mint."

9. "If you subtract 40 from the number of times a cricket chirps in a minute, divide by 4 and add 50 to the result, you have the temperature Fahrenheit."

10. "Only 7 men have ever known the formula for Coca-Cola. Today only 2 men are in on the secret, and they take the precaution of never traveling in the same aircraft. The company's advertising budget is believed to have totaled by now more than $35 million--roughly equivalent to the cost of providing one free bottle to every family in the world. During W.W. II, American servicemen swallowed 10 million bottles of Coke a day. Now 90 million are drunk every day in 158 countries."

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