10 Famous Unmarried Couples With Children

A list of 10 famous unmarried couples including David Carradine, Picass, and Grace Slick and the name of their childrens.


1. David Carradine (actor) and Barbara Hershey Seagull (actress)

Their son: Free

2. Isadora Duncan (dancer) and Gordon Craig (English stage designer)

Their daughter: Deirdre

3. Isadora Duncan (dancer) and Paris Singer (22nd child of Isaac Singer, sewing machine heir)

Their son: Patrick

4. Maud Gonne (Irish patriot and intimate of W.B. Yeats) and Lucien Millevoye (French journalist and editor)

Their daughter: Iseult Gonne

5. Lainie Kazan (singer) and Peter Daniels (conductor)

Their daughter: Jennifer Bena

6. Pablo Picasso (painter) and Francoise Gilot (now wife of Jonas E. Salk, head of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies)

Their son: Claude

Their daughter: Paloma Ruiz

7. Pablo Picasso (painter) and Marie-Therese Walter (model)

Their daughter: Maia

8. Vanessa Redgrave (actress) and Franco Nero (actor)

Their son: Carlo Gabriel

9. Grace Slick (rock singer) and Paul Kantner (rock singer)

Their daughter: China

10. Liv Ullmann (actress) and Ingmar Bergman (director)

Their daughter: Linn

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