66 Acceptable Two-Letter Scrabble Words Part 1

A list of 66 acceptable two-letter words and their definitions for use in the game Scrabble.


1. aa n. Scoriaceous lava.

2. ad n. Informal. An advertisement.

3. ae adj. Scot. One.

4. ah interj. An exclamation expressive of various emotions.

5. ai n. A three-toed sloth of South and Central America.

6. am present indicative, first person singular of be.

7. an indefinite article or adj. Equivalent to the article a, but used before words beginning with a vowel sound.

8. ar n. In the metric system, a surface measure equal to 100 square meters.

9. as adv. To the same degree; equally.

10. at prep. In or on the position of.

11. ax n. A tool with a bladed head mounted on a handle.

12. ay adv. Poetic. Ever; always.

13. ba n. In Egyptian mythology, the soul, believed to return to and reanimate the preserved body.

14. be v. To have existence, truth, or actuality.

15. by prep. Next to; near.

16. de prep. French. Of; from: used in names and phrases.

17. do v. To perform, as an action; fabricate or compose, as a piece of work.

18. eh interj. What: used as an interrogative or to express uncertainty or surprise.

19. el n. U.S. Informal. An elevated railroad or train.

20. em n. The letter m.

21. en n. The letter n.

22. ex prep. In finance, without the right to have or participate in.

23. fa n. Music. The fourth syllable used in solmization.

24. go v. To proceed or pass along; move.

25. ha n. & interj. An exclamation or sound made by a quick expulsion of breath, expressing surprise, discovery, triumph, laughter, etc.

26. he pron. The nominative singular pronoun of the third person, used of the male person.

27. hi interj. U.S. An exclamation of greeting.

28. ho interj. An exclamation, often repeated, expressing exultation, derision, etc.

29. id n. Psychoanal. The unconscious part of the psyche, independent of a sense of reality, logic, and morality, but actuated by fundamental impulses toward fulfilling instinctual needs.

30. if conj. In the event that; in case.

31. in prep. Held by or within the confines of; enclosed by.

32. is Present indicative, third person singular of be.

33. it pron. The nominative and objective singular neuter pronoun of the third person.

34. ja interj. & adv. German. Yes.

35. jo n. Scot. A sweetheart of either sex.

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