8 Leaders Who Had Teenage Mistresses Part 1

About 8 leaders, kings, emperors and rulers who had teenage mistresses.


1. SUI YANG TI (581-618 A.D.)

The last emperor of the Sui dynasty ascended the throne in 605 after murdering his older brother and father. He occupied the majority of his time by inventing novel ways of making love. In addition to his queen and two deputy queens, he had 6 royal consorts, 72 madames, and 3,000 palace maidens. Most of his mistresses were teenage virgins who would unknowingly be placed in his prized invention, called the "virgin wheelchair." As soon as the unsuspecting young woman was seated, "clamps would automatically spring up to hold her arms and spread her legs apart, while the mechanized cushion would place her body in the proper position to receive the royal favor."


Borgia's activities made him and his family among the favorite subjects of gossip throughout Renaissance Europe. He sired five illegitimate children by Vannozza dei Cattanei before his election to the papacy in 1492. The most noted were Cesare, who was his father's partner in political intrigue, and Lucrezia, whom Borgia married off three times, each time for political reasons. Late-night orgies were said to be common affairs at the Vatican, and it is even said that Lucrezia's son Giovanni was fathered by the pope.

At age 48, two years before becoming pope. Borgia fell in love with the 16-year-old bride of Orsino Orsini, Giulia Farnese. With the cooperation of Orsini's mother, who was Borgia's cousin, Giulia became Borgia's mistress. She was housed in a luxurious palace that adjoined the Vatican, along with Lucrezia and her mother-in-law. She remained his mistress for 11 years.

3. CHARLES II (1630-1685)

Known as the "Merry Monarch" for his unconventional morality, Charles II, king of England, Ireland, and Scotland, was one of the most colorful figures of the Restoration. He openly acknowledged 14 illegitimate children and 13 mistresses, the most famous being actress Nell Gwyn, who at age 14 caught the eye of the king while she was performing at the Drury Lane Theater. Shortly thereafter, he installed her in a house in Pall Mall. She acted only once more before retiring from the stage. Her chestnut hair, streaked with gold, and her slim figure fascinated the king. Her unassuming, forthright character made her a favorite with the public as well; she referred to herself as "the Protestant whore" and to the king as "my Charles the third," as she had had two other Charleses as lovers before him. Charles never grew tired of Nell, and unlike his other mistresses, she remained faithful to him, bearing him two sons. On his deathbed, he whispered to his brother, "Let not poor Nelly starve." He didn't.

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