8 Leaders Who Had Teenage Mistresses Part 3

About 8 leaders, kings, emperors and rulers who had teenage mistresses.


7. LEOPOLD II OF BELGIUM (1835-1909)

His political activities were as scandalous as his private life. The eccentric emperor often wore a bag over his long, square-cut beard because of his fanatical horror of germs. And yet he had a countless number of mistresses. He amassed a fortune through his exploits in the Congo, where his forces were known to have raped, murdered, and mutilated in their drive for wealth. He fell in love for the first time at age 65 with a 16-year-old apprentice prostitute named Caroline Lacroix, who bore him two sons. In her own way, she was as outrageous as the emperor, smoking cigars in public and acknowledging numerous other liaisons. He called her "Tres Belle" ("Very Beautiful") and she called him "Tres Vieux" ("Very Old"), nicknames which delighted the gossips of Europe. Despite her faithlessness, he gave her the title of Baroness de Vaughan and married her a few days before his death. She left Belgium with his fortune hidden in her luggage and married a former lover, who swindled her out of $15 million.

8. JUAN DOMINGO PERON (1895-1974)

Peron was president of Argentina from 1946 to 1955 and again from 1973 to 1974. He was married three times. He was 24 years older than his second wife, Eva, and 36 years older than his third wife, Isabel. After Eva's death in 1952, to the dismay of his associates Peron took 14-year-old Nelida Rivas as his mistress. She remained with him until his ouster in 1955. Peron returned to power after 18 years in exile, bringing with him his young wife, Isabel. She succeeded him as president after his death in 1974, but was later ousted by a military coup.

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