8 Ways to Survive a Bull Fight or Attack

A helpful list of eight ways to survive a bull fight or attack.


1. Keep your eye on the bull. Biggest cause of fatalities and injuries is carelessness/familiarity/contempt. Bulls are completely unpredictable.

2. If you have to go in field with bull, keep to the edges. Otherwise detour outside the field. Some bulls may take no notice of intruders some of the time, then attack. They can run and swerve faster than humans. Remember, maddened cows can charge, too.

3. Evade bull by flinging taken-off coat (or any hand-held object) into bull's path. There is a good chance the bull will pause to investigate decoy with horn before resuming chase, which gives you time to take another garment off as you run.

4. Bulls tend to go for any bright colors-not necessarily red. Subdue anything bright as best you can.

5. Bulls don't take to water easily. Another escape avenue: river/lake outlet/canal.

6. If with family (inconceivable, if you have not been careless), draw off bull while women and children run in different directions-by flinging coat. Even then no knowing what bull will do and whom he will chase.

7. If thrown by bull, only way to hurt him is by grasping the nose ring (if there is one) and hanging on with fingers.

8. Another survival method that has worked: Feign death if you have already survived being thrown/gored/knelt on.

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