9 Famous People Who Died in the Bathroom

About the history of 9 famous people who died while in the bathroom.


1. HELIOGABALUS (204-222), emperor of Rome

After he had ruled four years, his homosexuality, eccentricity, and worship of the Syrian god Baal turned the Praetorian Guard, his own bodyguards, against him. He tried to hide in a latrine with his mother. Discovered, they were both murdered. Their heads were cut off and their bodies were dragged to the Tiber, weighted, and thrown into the river.

2. ARIUS (256?-336), Christian theologian and heretic

Suffering agonizing pain in the bowels, he went to the toilet. There he expired, probably from poison.

3. EDMUND II, (980?-1016), King of England

According to an old account, he was murdered, "stabbed from beneath as he answered a call of nature."

4. JAMES I (1394-1437), king of Scotland

As assassins tried to break down the entrance door to Perth Abbey, King James sought a hiding place, and finally secreted himself in a small toilet. A lady-in-waiting, Katherine Douglas, joined him. When she heard the assassins approach, she shoved her arm through the bolt ring to hold it firm. The assassins smashed down the door, broke her arm, and attacked the king with daggers and swords. He died with 16 wounds in his chest alone.

5. HENRY III (1551-1589), king of France

Just as he was about to leave the lavatory, King Henry was assaulted by a fanatical Jacobin friar, who drove a blade into the king's stomach and killed him. The clerical murderer was himself stabbed to death, but his corpse was put on trial for the assassination.

6. ARTHUR CAPEL, EARL OF ESSEX (1631-1683), English politician

Imprisoned in the Tower of London, he sat down on the toilet and calmly committed suicide by cutting his throat.

7. GEORGE II (1683-1760), king of Great Britain and Ireland

After a breakfast of hot chocolate, he went to the bathroom. His German valet, waiting outside, heard a thump, ran inside, and found the monarch dead on the bathroom floor.

8. LENNY BRUCE (1925-1966), American comedian

Discovered dead in his bathroom from an overdose of heroin.

9. ELVIS PRESLEY (1935-1977), American singer

Dropped dead in his bathroom, either of natural causes or excessive drugs. He died at the same age his mother had died--42.

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