American Pacifist David Dellinger

About the American pacifist David Dellinger, history and biography of the anti-war activist.



His Person: American writer, editor, and militant nonviolent organizer. Figured prominently in the Ban-the-Bomb, civil rights, and peace movements. Fought "to weaken the system's mystical authority and strengthen the self-confidence of the people." Imprisoned for three years during W.W.II for refusing to register for the draft. Fasted against racial segregation in jail. Burned his draft card in 1947 to protest peacetime conscription. Edited Liberation magazine and helped to broaden and revolutionize the concerns of American pacifism. Believed that the atom bombing of Japan was "one of the worst atrocities in history," and declared "nonviolent war" against the way of life which produced it. Opposes poverty, racism, sexism, and patriarchy. Indicted in 1968 for his role in organizing peace demonstrations at the Democratic national convention, but his conviction was later overturned. Chicago 7 codefendant Tom Hayden praised his "spontaneous refusal to countenance even the smallest hypocrisy." Wrote Revolutionary Nonviolence and More Power Than We Know.

His Belief: "So long as you place your final reliance on armed struggle, controlled and led by a military or quasi-military organization, you have little incentive to develop the power of a self-reliant and unarmed people."

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