American Reformer and Pacifist Jane Addams

About the famous American reformer and pacifist Jane Addams, history and biography of the woman.


JANE ADDAMS (1860-1935)

Her Person: American reformer. Believed that opposition to war must be buttressed by an effort to transform society. Turned to social work after being forced out being forced out of medical school by illness and depression. Founded Hull House, an influential settlement house in Chicago. Campaigned for woman's suffrage, racial equality, protection of immigrants, civil liberties, and recognition of labor unions. Opposed W.W. I and called an emergency worldwide meeting of women for peace. Elected first president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Visited the war capitals of Europe urging neutral mediation. Her former associates deserted her, and many regarded her as a dangerous radical. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. Remembered for her personal simplicity, integrity, and loyalty to humanity. Called "Beloved Lady" by admirers. Wrote Peace and Bread in Time of War, Twenty Years at Hull House, and Newer Ideals of Peace.

Her Belief: "We believe that we are not obliged to choose between violence and passive acceptance of unjust conditions for ourselves or others... We believe that new methods, free from violence, must be worked out for ending abuses and for undoing wrongs, as well as for achieving positive ends."

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