Animal Info Cats Oddities and Random Trivia

Some oddities and random trivia about the cat including its homing instincts, bones, and walk.



The cat is the only animal--other than the camel and giraffe--to walk by moving its front and hind legs on one side, then on the other.

Fripon, a French alley cat, was so stricken by his mistress's death that he followed her funeral cortege to the cemetery and visited her grave every day thereafter.

The cat's skeleton is very like a human's, but even though humans are 15 times larger, they have only 206 bones, while cats have 230.

When a cat died in ancient Egypt, it was mandatory for its owner to shave off his eyebrows to register grief.

The cat's homing instinct is phenomenal. One family pet, given to friends in California, set out on a 1,400-mi. trip back to its original owner in Oklahoma. When the bedraggled cat arrived in Oklahoma 14 months later, it was positively identified by an old hipbone deformity.

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