Animal Info Dogs History

About the history of dogs from the first domesticated breed to use in agriculture to uses today.



The aptly named Canis familiaris ("faithful dog") was the world's first trained animal and the only beast willing to be domesticated by humans. Ancient Egyptians tamed and trained a greyhoundlike dog (ancestor of the saluki) to hunt antelope. Some were kept by the elite as pets--the first nonworking animals. The sacred dogs of one Egyptian pharaoh were attended by 2,000 slaves. Early Greeks used powerful mastifflike dogs to track lions in Africa. With the development of agriculture, dogs were taught to guard and herd livestock.

Thus dogs have faithfully served mankind since prehistoric times as hunters, guards, pack animals, herders and--most importantly--companions. Today dogs lead the blind, assist the police, pull sleds, run races, train with the military, and go into show business.

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