Animal Info Whales Oddities and Random Trivia

Some oddities and random trivia about whales including facts about whale attacks, real life Jonah's and the Muslim tradition.



Though no whale has ever been known to attack a human except in defense, stories have come down since the biblical Jonah of men being swallowed by whales. In 1891 an English whaler was reportedly swallowed by a sperm whale, in whose belly he lived, unconscious, for 24 hours. He supposedly survived, but suffered a temporarily unbalanced mind and permanently bleached skin. However, another tale, better documented, of a crewman swallowed by a sperm whale in 1894, had the man not only dead after 24 hours, but also badly mangled and partially digested. Nevertheless, the Islamic religion states that only 10 animals will be able to enter Paradise, and one of them is the whale that swallowed Jonah.

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