Basketball History Wilt Chamberlain Gets 100 Points Part 2

About Wilt Chamberlain breaking 100 points in an NBA game, history and first hand account of the basketball event.


Wilt Chamberlain's Big Night (1962)

As I Saw It

(From Wilt by Wilt Chamberlain and David Shaw, Macmillan, 1973.) "I broke the record (78) early in the fourth quarter, and now the fans were going crazy. They were chanting, '100! 100! 100!' I thought they were nuts. Whoever heard of scoring 100 points in an NBA game? But my teammates wanted me to do it, too. They started feeding me the ball even when they were wide open. The Knicks did everything they could to stop me. . . .One of the Knicks, Willie Naulls, later told me their coach, Eddie Donovan, had called time out, and given them explicit orders to freeze the ball and pass up good shots so I couldn't rebound and score and embarrass them. I finally got my 100 points, on a dunk, with just 42 seconds left in the game, and the fans came pouring out of the stands and mobbed me.

"There wasn't a very big crowd there that night--only 4,124--but in the 11 years since then, I'll bet I've had at least 20,000 fans tell me they saw me score the 100. I've also heard a lot of them use that game as 'the ideal example of why Wilt's a loser; he got 100 points and his team lost, as usual.' But we didn't lose. . . .

"A lot of people ask me if that 100-point game was my biggest thrill in sports. Frankly, it isn't even close to the top--for several reasons. In the first place. I've always thought field goal percentage was more important than total points; anyone can get hot and have a big game if he shoots often enough. Hell, I'm the world's worst foul-shooter, and I hit 28 of 32 free throws that night--87.5 percent. That shows anyone can get lucky. . . . I really think I shot too often in that 100-point game--particularly in the fourth quarter, when everyone was egging me on toward 100. . . .Besides, I've always thought rebounding was more important than scoring. . . .I'm a lot prouder of my NBA record of 55 rebounds in one game than I am of the 100 points.

"But I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed scoring a lot of points. It was tremendously satisfying to the ego, and in that context, I'd have to say my greatest personal satisfaction was averaging 50.4 points a game that third year. Scoring 100 points in one game is a freak. . . . "

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