Basketball Sports Oddities and Trivia

Some random facts and trivia about the sport basketball.



Passaic (N.J.) High School won 159 straight games in a five-year span from 1920 to 1925.

In 1972, the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA led the Knicks, 86-68, with 6 min. left to play. The Knicks scored the last 19 points to win, 87-86.

The 1976-1977 New Jersey Jets were one of the worst teams in the NBA, but they will be remembered for one thing. At one point, they put together the first all-left-handed lineup in league history. At forward were Tim Basset and Al Skinner; at guard, Robert "Bubbles" Hawkins and Dave Wohl; the center was Kim Hughes.

Kim Hughes set an individual record during the 1976-1977 season; he made 19 of 69 free throws for a .275 percentage, lowest in NBA history for a full season.

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