Behind the Scenes of the Movie Casablanca Part 1

About the film Casablanca, plot summarry of one of the greatest movies ever made.



The Story: The time, 1940. The war in Europe rages on and France has fallen. Refugees from Nazi-occupied countries stream into Casablanca, waiting for exit visas to Lisbon, the jumping-off point to America. While they wait, the refugees gather at "Rick's Cafe Americain," a nightclub owned by a cynical and mysterious American, Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart).

Arriving in Casablanca are Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid), a Czech underground leader, and his wife, Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman). Nazi Maj. Heinrich Strasser (Conrad Veidt) has also just arrived, searching for the murderers of two German couriers who were carrying valuable letters of transit. Working with Strasser is Casablanca's perfect of police, Capt. Louis Renault (Claude Rains), an opportunist who favors whichever side may be winning at the moment.

Ugarte (Peter Lorre), a small-time informer, has the transit letters and, before being arrested by the police, begs Rick to hide them for him. Learning from a rival nightclub owner, Farrari (Sydney Greenstreet), that Rick has the letters and knowing that they would enable her and her husband to leave Casablanca, Laszlo's wife, Ilsa, confronts Rick. Rick and Ilsa had been lovers in Paris before the Nazis marched into the city. Ilsa reveals to Rick that she was already married to Laszlo when she fell in love with Rick, but she believed that Laszlo had been murdered in a concentration camp. She had discovered that Laszlo was still alive on the day she was to have escaped from Paris with Rick.

Rick, still in love with Ilsa, tells her that he will help Laszlo escape if she stays behind. Ilsa, in love with both her husband and Rick, agrees. Through a complicated plan, Rick succeeds in getting Ilsa and Laszlo to the airport with the transit letters. There he tells Ilsa that she must go with Laszlo, that the cause needs them both. Discovering the plan, Strasser races to the airport and is shot by Rick. Renault, moved by Rick's patriotism and sacrifice, joins him, and the two make plans to escape Casablanca together.

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