Behind the Scenes of the Movie Modern Times Part 1

About the film Modern Times, plot summary of Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece.



The Story: The Little Tramp is a factory worker whose only duty is tightening the nuts on a huge machine. When monotony drives him berserk and he chases a secretary--he thinks the buttons on her dress are more nuts that need tightening--he's carted off to a mental hospital. After he's released he takes another factory job, but as soon as he starts there is a strike. Outside on the picket line, he picks up a red flag that has fallen off passing truck. When he waves the flag in the air to call back the driver, he is arrested as the strike's leader. He lands in jail, where he prevents a breakout and is pardoned as a reward. Back on the streets, he sees a young girl, an urchin, stealing bread. He wants to go back to jail where life is easier, so he confesses to her crime. It doesn't work. But when he eats dinner in a restaurant and then says he cannot pay the bill, that does work. He is taken away in a paddy wagon, the same one that is carrying the thieving urchin. They escape from the wagon--he unwillingly--and the Little Tramp takes odd jobs to support them, first in a shipyard and then as a department store's night watchman. When burglars break into the store, he recognizes them as some of the strikers, now out of work, and turns the burglary into a party. When the police end the party, he and the urchin escape. The Little Tramp gets work as a waiter, but soon the police come looking for the urchin, and the two of them are on the move again. As they walk together down a long road, the last title flashes on the screen: "Buck up. Never say die. WE'LL GET ALONG."

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