Behind the Scenes of the Movie On the Waterfront Part 1

About the film On the Waterfront, plot summary of one of the greatest movies ever made.



The Story: Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando), a young, not too bright dockworker and ex-boxer, has drifted into favor with the mob controlling the waterfront. Terry's brother, Charley (Rod Steiger), is a slick, fast-talking lawyer working for the crooked labor union leader Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb). Friendly likes Terry and makes life on the dock a little easier for him, for the price of Terry's running errands. When a militant fellow dockworker agrees to appear before the crime commission and talk about the union, Friendly tricks Terry into luring the man to his death.

Knowing that he has been used, Terry begins to have second thoughts about Friendly and the union. Then he meets and falls in love with Edie Doyle (Eva Marie Saint), the murdered man's sister. Under the urgings of Edie and a crusading priest, Father Barry (Karl Malden), Terry begins to break away from his connections. Growing nervous that the slow-witted but fiercely independent Terry might go before the crime commission, Friendly sends Terry's brother to silence him.

Confessing to Edie his part in her brother's murder, Terry begins to speak out more openly against the mob's waterfront activities. As a warning to Terry, his brother is murdered and left hanging on a meat hook where Terry will discover him.

Angrily, Terry agrees to testify before the commission. His testimony breaks open the wall of silence that has shielded the waterfront racketeers, but when he returns to work the next day, Terry is ostracized as an informer by his fellow workers.

Numbed by the events and driven only by anger, Terry breaks into Friendly's waterfront office, and the two men encounter each other in a long and savage brawl. Having beaten and humiliated Friendly in front of the workers, the badly injured Terry stumbles back to work--followed now by the men who shortly before had despised him.

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