Biggest Events in Sports Stanley Cup Hockey Playoffs Part 3

About the Stanley Cup Playoffs history of the ice hockey championship and highlights of the sporting event.



1964 Although the Toronto Maple Leafs had won the Stanley Cup in 1962 and 1963, the victories had been accomplished by older players whom other teams considered washed up; and after the Leafs finished the 1964 season in third place, their reign appeared to be over. But the play-offs gave them new life, and they were fighters. In the first game of the opening round, however, they were shut out by Montreal, 2--0. Toronto won the second game but fell behind again by losing the third. They tied the series at 2-2 by winning the fourth, but again they fell back when Montreal took the fifth 4-2. Now they had to win two straight to go on. They came through by shutting out the Canadiens 3-0 in the sixth game and winning the seventh 3-1, to gain the finals against Detroit. This was one of the Stanley Cup's most exciting finishes. With only two seconds remaining in the first game, a Bob Pulford goal gave Toronto a 3-2 win. But the Leafs seemingly could not stand success; they lost the second game on an overtime goal, and the third by a Detroit score with 17 sec. left on the clock. Still, they evened the series with a 4-2 win in the fourth. Then Detroit moved ahead once again, and Toronto found itself in the familiar position of having to win two straight. The sixth game went into overtime, where any Detroit score would end the Toronto season. But the Leafs' Bobby Baur, who was playing with the help of painkillers to support an injured ankle, scored a goal in the second minute. With the series tied at 3-3, Toronto finally put it all together for a 4-0 win and their third consecutive Stanley Cup. It was definitely the hardest.

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