Biggest Events in Sports The Super Bowl Part 3

About the Super Bowl, history, facts and figures about the major sporting event and the biggest game in football.



Super Bowl VII, 1973. What has to be the most bizarre play in the brief history of the Super Bowl occurred in this meeting between the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins. The Dolphins, losers in the previous Super Bowl to the Dallas Cowboys, were out to extend their winning streak to 17-0 against the aging Red-skins. Their play was flawless throughout most of the game, and they found themselves leading 14-0 late in the game. With seven minutes to play, the Dolphins' Garo Yepremian, a 5 ft. 8 in. soccer-style kicker from Cyprus, came in to attempt a 42-yd. field goal. But with an intensity typical of their special teams, the Redskins blocked the kick. The ball bounced back to Yepremian, who had no experience in handling the football. He started to run with it, and then fumbled the ball in the air, where the Redskins' Mike Bass picked it off and ran it back 49 yd. for a touchdown. The 155-lb. Yepremian had a chance at a face-saving tackle, but missed. The Dolphins won anyway, 14-7, and preserved their perfect record.

Super Bowl X, 1976. This was one Super Bowl that lived up to the pregame publicity. The defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers were going against the Dallas Cowboys, the only wild-card team (team that didn't win its division but had the best record among the nonwinners) to make it to the Super Bowl.

Dallas led 10-7 after three quarters, but their lead was cut to one point when Reggie Harrison blocked a Mitch Hoopes punt out of the end zone for a safety. Pittsburgh went ahead 12-10 a few minutes later on Roy Gerela's 36-yd. field goal, and increased their lead on another field goal following Mike Wagner's interception of a Roger Staubach pass. A 59-yd. touchdown pass from Terry Bradshaw to Lynn Swann, who had been hospitalized two weeks earlier with a concussion, gave the Steelers a 21-10 lead (the extra point failed) with only 2 min.left. Dallas struck back immediately, driving 80 yd. on five plays for a touchdown. The Steelers then turned the ball over to Dallas on downs with a minute left. The Cowboys were threatening in Steeler territory when the final gun sounded. The Steelers were the Super Bowl champions once again. Lynn Swann, who made four spectacular catches, was voted the game's MVP.

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