Biggest Events in Sports The United States Open Part 1

About the United States Open, history and information about the major sporting event and one of the biggest golf tournaments.


The United States Open is a golf tournament with a long and illustrious history. The tournament was the logical outcome of the need to standardize American golf. By 1895, when the first Open was played, golf (introduced to America by the Scots) was booming here, and there were as many organizations as players. There were even two separate U.S. championships, and often two separate winners claimed to be the true American champion.

So, the leading golf clubs got together in 1894 and formed the U.S. Golf Association. They decided to hold two championships. One, called the U.S. Amateur, would crown the amateur golf king; the other, the U.S. Open, would decide the professional champion. (Amateurs could compete for this title too, but could not receive prize money.)

The following year, a nine-hole course at Newport, R.I., was readied to greet the ten professionals and one amateur who arrived to play 36 grueling holes of golf. The tournament was set for September, but because the America's Cup was being run in Newport at that time, it was moved up a month.

This upset USGA officials, so they decided that from then on the tournament would be held at a different site each year. Because of this, thousands of people are able to see in person such U.S. Open winners as Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, and Johnny Miller. Through television, millions more have been able to see some of the greatest American golf as well as some of the most beautiful courses in the country.

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