Biography and Sexual Teachings of Alfred C. Kinsey Part 3

About the author of the famous Kinsey Reports on Sexual Behavior Alfred C. Kinsey, history and biography of the sex researcher.


ALFRED C. KINSEY (1894-1956), U.S.


Sexual Behavior in the Human Male reported on the incidence and frequency of orgasms through masturbation, wet dreams, petting, intercourse, homosexual contacts, and contacts with animals. It revealed that of the American males studied, 86% had premarital intercourse by the age of 30; 37% had homosexual experiences with orgasm; 70% had intercourse with prostitutes; 97% had engaged in sexual activities which were against the law; 17% of those raised on farms and 4% of those raised in cities had sexual contacts with animals; 40% of married men had extramarital affairs.

Variation in frequency was enormous--from a man who had one orgasm in 30 years to another who had 30 orgasms a week for 30 years.

College-educated males were more likely to classify sex acts as right or wrong, while less educated males saw them as natural or unnatural. The college-educated were more prone to go in for nude intercourse, petting, and oral sex. For everyone, however, the favorite position for intercourse was the man-on-top "missionary."

Kinsey found that 75% of all males reached orgasm within two minutes of penetration, and he felt this was normal. (Later experts called it premature ejaculation.) He said, "This quick performance of the typical male may be most unsatisfactory to a wife who is inhibited or natively low in response, as many wives are; and such disparities in the speed of male and female response are frequent sources of conflict. . . . A portion of the upper-level college-educated males do deliberately learn to delay ejaculation. . . .But it is only a portion of the male population that would consider the acquirement of such an ability as a desirable substitute for direct and rapidly effected intercourse."

In Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, Kinsey reported that of the females interviewed, 60% had masturbated; 50% had masturbated to orgasm; 50% had had intercourse before marriage, two thirds of them reaching orgasm; 20% had engaged in homosexual activities; 10% of married women had never had an orgasm, but the average female had orgasms more than 70% of the time; 14% had multiple orgasms; 25% of married women had had extramarital intercourse; 85% had engaged in sexual activities which were against the law.

Perhaps Kinsey's most significant findings concerned the female's ability to reach orgasm while masturbating (95% of the time), and the likelihood that if she had a history of masturbation, she would be responsive to intercourse in marriage.

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