Biography of British Spy James Bond 007 Part 1

About the famous British spy James Bond, history and biography of 007.



Dashing good looks, coolness under fire, and a penchant for high living have elevated James Bond to legendary status as the British agent licensed to kill and have rightfully earned him the reputation of secret agent extraordinaire.

James Bond was born in 1920 to Andrew Bond of Scotland and Monique Delacroix of Switzerland. Andrew Bond's position as foreign representative for the Vickers armament firm took the family to numerous European cities, and consequently James was fluent in French and German, as well as English, by age nine. When he was 11, his parents died in a climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges above Chamonix. Bond's rearing, such as it was, was left to his maiden aunt, Charmian Bond of Kent, England.

At 13 he entered Eton College, but after what has been described as a "brief and undistinguished career," he was expelled because of some alleged trouble with one of the boy's maids. He then transferred to Fittes, where he distinguished himself as the school's light-weight boxing champion and the founder of the first serious judo class in an English public school.

Upon his graduation at 17 from Fittes, he entered the University of Geneva. It was during this time that his reputation for fast living and rugged physical endurance attracted the attention of the local British Secret Service operative. He was subsequently recruited into the service as a low-level agent and soon became addicted to the fast-paced and dangerous life-style.

In 1941 he entered the Ministry of Defense and attained the rank of lieutenant. The undercover activity continued, and after several spectacular successes, he ended the war with the rank of commander. Two assignments during this time were to shape his future. In the first, he killed a Norwegian double agent with his bare hands in a Stockholm hotel room. In the second, he killed a Japanese code-breaker on the 36th floor of the RCA Building in Rockefeller Center.

These two daring feats made him eligible for the Double-0 section of the Secret Service. He accepted the commission in 1952 and was issued the number 007--his license to kill in the line of duty.

They years 1953-1959 saw Bond primarily occupied with the destruction of SMERSH, the Russian counterespionage organization whose name means "Death to Spies." Among his assignments were the now famous Casino Royale affair, where he defeated Le Chiffre in a highstakes baccarat game, preventing him from regaining misappropriated SMERSH funds. Then he stopped Mr. Big, leader of the international Black Widow voodoo cult, from turning over a vast pirate treasure to SMERSH. In the Moonraker affair, 007 prevented Soviet-controlled Hugo Drax from destroying London by atom bomb.

In his one adventure away from SMERSH during this period, Bond entered an American diamond-smuggling pipeline that began in South Africa and ended in Las Vegas, and sealed both ends (1956).

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