Biography of Brooklyn Enigma Mollie Fancher Part 1

About the Brooklyn Enigma Mollie Fancher, biography and history of the paranormal wonder and her multiple personalities.


The Enigmatic Mollie Fancher

They called her the Brooklyn Enigma. Although confined to her bed for 50 years, she developed paranormal powers and multiple personalities that baffled everyone who came in contact with her.

In 1864 Mollie Fancher was a bright 16-year-old with an adventuresome spirit, a tall girl with long blond hair. She received good grades at Brooklyn Seminary and was apparently normal in every way. On May 10, 1864, she was thrown from a horse onto her head. She suffered broken ribs and a severe concussion, but her doctors nursed her back to relative health.

Just when Mollie was well enough to be up and about, she was again seriously injured, this time in a streetcar accident on June 8, 1865. Everyone was sure that this was the end. She stopped eating and drinking and alternated between wild convulsions and deep trances. Her recovery was slow and difficult.

On Feb. 3, 1866, Dr. Robert Spier was examining Mollie. Her aunt, Susan Crosby, and two neighbors were delighted to hear that there was some improvement in the girl's condition. The doctor glanced at his heavy gold pocket watch and smiled. "I always remain here longer than I intend," he said. "I was to be home today at one o'clock to my dinner. We are having chicken potpie, and you know it is never good when cold."

Suddenly Mollie shuddered and closed her eyes. She was unconscious for a month, and when she awoke she remembered nothing of her life, recognized no one.

She was reintroduced to her friends, her doctors, even her aunt. Her right hand was drawn up behind her head, where it was to remain for nine years. No one ever knew why. When she did something that required two hands, she would bring her left hand up to meet the right. The rest of her body was partially paralyzed and in constant pain.

Mollie began an entirely new life. In spite of the pain and her paralysis, she spent the next years in feverish activity. She wrote over 6,000 letters, completed hundreds of pieces of embroidery of surpassing beauty, and made many new friends.

Then, in February of 1875, almost nine years later to the day, she slipped back into a deep trance. When she opened her eyes, she looked up at the face of Dr. S. Fleet Spier, the brother of her former doctor, and said, "Well, Doctor, did your brother get home in time for his chicken potpie?"

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