Biography of Brooklyn Enigma Mollie Fancher Part 3

About the Brooklyn Enigma Mollie Fancher, biography and history of the paranormal wonder and her multiple personalities.


The Enigmatic Mollie Fancher

One evening in the winter of 1878, Mollie was chatting quietly with Dr. George F. Sargent, an old and trusted friend. She closed her eyes and seemed to fall asleep. After a few moments she sighed, opened her eyes, and looked at Sargent with an expression of surprise. "And who might you be?" she asked in a voice he had never heard before. The first of four new personalities that were to inhabit Mollie's body was making its appearance.

At her request, Sargent chose the name Idol for the new personality. Idol looked around the room at Mollie's needlework and seemed very jealous of the mysterious stranger who was so accomplished. In subsequent visits, Idol unraveled Mollie's crochet work, hid her belongings, and threatened to harm her.

During the following year, three other personalities appeared, always at night and without warning. Rosebud was next, a six-year-old with a sweet expression and a tiny child's voice.

Pearl was the next to appear. She was a refined and delicate young lady with a smooth and cultured voice and graceful gestures. "She seemed almost like a spirit," Sargent remembered years later.

Ruby arrived on the scene with a bound and a shout. She was a dynamic and vivacious woman with a sarcastic sense of humor and a biting wit, always ready with an earthy joke and wise to the ways of the world.

Mollie did not know about any of the others, and none of them knew about her or each other, so Dr. Sargent hit upon an ingenious scheme. He suggested that they get to know each other by exchanging letters. Soon they were all friends, involved in a lively correspondence, each in her own handwriting. Rosebud printed her letters, often asking Sargent for help with the spelling. Mollie even convinced Idol to stop unraveling her crochet work.

Mollie's last few years were very difficult. Her psychic powers never left her, but her health rapidly declined. She was determined to live to celebrate what she called the "Golden Jubilee of my imprisonment" on Feb. 3, 1916.

Eight days later Mollie died, taking with her Idol, Rosebud, Pearl, and Ruby. The grave is on a tree-covered hill in Brooklyn's old Greenwood Cemetery. The inscription on the granite tombstone says, "Mollie Fancher knew the secret of life."

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