Biography of Captain Robert Falcon Scott Part 2

About the biography of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, history of his great sacrifice.



Indeed, with 800 mi. of fatigue and frostbite ahead, he had good reason to wonder. A week later, Scott wrote, "Oates suffers from a very cold foot; Evans' fingers and nose are in a bad state and tonight Wilson is suffering tortures from his eyes. . . .I fear a succession of blizzards." Yet, on coming across a glacier whose rocks had been exposed by the fierce Antarctic winds early in February, Scott incredibly decided to continue with the scientific aspect of the expedition and spent weeks wandering about collecting geological specimens. The delay was a tragic mistake, the kind men suffering from pain and exhaustion are prone to make, and it not only resulted in the need to cut food rations (to ensure they would last until the next supply camp), but in the death of Edgar Evans, who fell twice coming down from the glacier and suffered a concussion.

Sadly, the misjudgment and tragedy of the glacier excursion were only preludes of things to come, and by Mar. 11, with Oates nearly dead of exhaustion and frostbite, Scott wrote that he had "practically ordered Wilson to hand over the means of ending our troubles. . . .We have 30 opium tabloids apiece. . . ." A week later, Scott wrote that there was ". . .tragedy all along the line. At lunch, the day before yesterday, poor. . .Oates. . .proposed we should leave him in his sleeping bag. That we could not do, and we induced him to come on. . .the afternoon march. . . . He struggled and we made a few miles. At night he was worse and we knew the end had come. . . .It was blowing a blizzard. He said, 'I am just going outside and may be some time.' He went out into the blizzard and we have not seen him since. . . .We knew it was the act of a brave man and an English gentleman. We all hope to meet the end with a similar spirit, and assuredly the end is not far."

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