Biography of Captain Robert Falcon Scott Part 3

About the biography of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, history of his great sacrifice.



In his next entry, on Mar. 18, Scott wrote that he had lost the toes on his right foot to frostbite two days before, had suffered a violent bout of indigestion the same night, and had broken his foot in a fall the next day, adding that "the others are still confident of getting through--or pretend to be. I don't know! We have the last half fill of oil. . .and a very small quantity of spirit [hard liquor]--this alone between us and thirst." That night the three men succeeded in getting warm, but the next day--still determined to pull a heavy sled (loaded with, among other things, 30 lb. of glacier rocks) and 15 1/2 mi. from the next supply depot--Scott estimated that they had only two days' food and one day's fuel for a journey that would require a minimum of three days. Everyone's condition was worse, and Scott, contemplating the injury to his right foot, matter-of-factly wrote, "Amputation is the least I can hope for now, but will the trouble spread?"

The expedition had made it to within 11 mi. of the supply depot by Mar. 20, but a fierce blizzard came up the next day and Scott wrote that--presumably because of the injury to his foot--Wilson and Bowers were going on alone to bring back some fuel. In his next entry, dated Mar. 22 and 23, Scott noted: "Blizzard bad as ever--Wilson and Bowers unable to start--tomorrow last chance--no fuel and only one or two of food left [sic]--must be near the end. We shall march for the depot with or without our effects and die in our tracks." Six days later, with the blizzard still whirling about them, Scott wrote, "We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end can not be far. It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more."

Scott managed one last, undated entry after that, in which he asked plaintively, "For God's sake look after our people." It was found along with the bodies of Scott, Wilson, and Bowers the following November.

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