Biography of Composer Medium Rosemary Brown Part 2

About the spiritual composer Rosemary Brown, biography and history of the medium who is visited by famous composers.


The Heavenly Composer

But she has professed having a solid background in extrasensory perception. Her parents and grandparents were psychic, and Rosemary, according to her own testimony, became aware of her own powers when she was very young. She amazed her family by describing not only furniture that had left the house before her birth but also the neighborhood before the house was built. She awakened her father to her gifts by telling him that a man named Black Alec had come to her to apologize for the grief he'd caused him when they were youthful friends many years before. Up to that time, her father had completely forgotten about Black Alec, who had died several years before Rosemary was born. As Rosemary grew older, she often got in trouble with her teachers and schoolmates because she knew things before being told about them. "How did you know that?" they would demand suspiciously.

But her special powers didn't profoundly affect her life till March, 1964, when she was a middle-aged widow raising two children and working as a grade-school kitchen helper to make ends meet. Franz Liszt kept his word. She was sitting at home one afternoon when he appeared--the same white-haired old man with a black cassock whom she remembered so well--and guided her fingers over the keys of her secondhand piano. "Music was being played without any effort on my part," she recalled, "and it was music that I had never heard before." Though her own piano skills, never very good in the first place, were rusty from years of neglect, she found herself playing flawlessly, with Liszt's assistance.

After several such afternoons, Liszt explained that she had been chosen as a link between the real and spirit worlds before her birth, and that her lifelong troubles had simply been trials to test her mettle and prepare her for what was to come. He showed her how to transcribe music on paper, guiding her hands over the keys for a few bars, then having her write down the notes.

Liszt, Rosemary later explained, gave this excuse for picking her as his intermediary: " 'You have sufficient training for our purposes. Had you been given a really full musical education, it would have been no help to us at all. In the first place, a full musical education would have made it much harder for you to prove that you could not be writing our music yourself. Secondly, a musical background would have caused you to acquire too many ideas and theories of your own. These would have been an impediment to us.' "

Liszt soon stopped by with Chopin, then gradually brought other composers, all of whom were anxious to have her transcribe their posthumous works. Regardless of nationality, they all spoke English, though often badly at first. When Schubert first appeared, he wore glasses so that he could be readily identified, but left them off on his subsequent visits because spirits have good eyesight. In a similar vein, Mrs. Brown discovered that Beethoven had regained his hearing.

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