Biography of Dr. Victor Frankenstein Part 2

About the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein who created the Frankenstein monster, biography and history of the character.



The young doctor's attempt to create a new human being was initially hampered by the intricate assembly of muscles, veins, and tissues within the human body. Unable to cope with the minuteness of some of these parts, he resolved this problem by increasing the height of his creation to 8 ft. Gathering the necessary components from the dissecting rooms and the slaughterhouses, and working steadily in his cell-like garret, he spent nearly two years at the task, sacrificing his health in the process.

But he did succeed, and with a convulsive, agitated movement of its limbs, Frankenstein's monster came to life at 1:00 A.M. on the second of November. Its exhausted creator looked upon his repulsive creation for a few moments and then fled from the laboratory to seek relief in sleep. He slept fitfully and awakened to find the creature, uttering inarticulate sounds, lifting the curtain at his bedside. Terrified, Frankenstein escaped to the courtyard below, where he spent the night. By morning, the demon monster had vanished, but its birth had taken its toll of the 21-year-old creator. Overcome with guilt, Victor suffered an extended nervous breakdown. In time, under the constant, tender guidance of his faithful friend, Henry Clerval, he made a full recovery. But then he was struck down by a second tragedy. William, his beloved younger brother, was murdered--strangled by an unknown assailant in Plainpalais, a Geneva suburb.

Frankenstein plumbed the depths of despair, foreseeing a future that was grim, evil, and filled with abject misery. As he pondered his fate at the exact spot where William was murdered, a violent thunderstorm erupted. While he watched the storm, a hideous, familiar figure was outlined by a flash of lightning. The sight transfixed the young scientist. It had been his monster, he realized with horror, that had killed William.

This knowledge, which he dared not share, deepened his despair, and he watched helplessly as the family's servant, Justine, was tried and then hanged for the murder. Frankenstein considered committing suicide, but the realization that his death would leave the family unprotected from the monster stopped him.

Seeking some measure of peace, Victor journeyed deep into the Alpine valley of Chamonix. There, climbing on the glacier at the summit of Montanvert and near the majestic beauty of Mont Blanc, he came upon his bete noire once more. The creature had learned to speak during the months it had been abroad in the world. But, rejected by mankind, it now voiced an ultimatum: Frankenstein was to create a female companion for the monster or face the certain extermination of those he held dear.

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