Biography of Dr. Victor Frankenstein Part 3

About the famous Dr. Victor Frankenstein who created the Frankenstein monster, biography and history of the character.



Enraged at first, Frankenstein finally acceded to the demand after extracting a promise from the monster that, once mated, it would shun humans forever. Victor chose a remote island, 5 mi. offshore in the Orkneys, to renew his labors. And he postponed his marriage to his beloved foster sister, Elizabeth, for fear that he would inadvertently disclose his grim secret.

Sick at heart but determined, Victor steadily assembled his second being, watched secretly by the monster, which had followed him to Scotland. But ultimately he had second thoughts. Realizing that this unholy male-female alliance could breed a race of horrors that might terrorize the entire human race, Victor destroyed the female. Discovering this, the incensed monster swore revenge and then fled.

The monster carried out its deadly promise. Frankenstein's friend Clerval died first, murdered as he journeyed north to join Victor. Tried for the murder, Frankenstein was acquitted, but the trauma of the trial brought on convulsions, and for the next two months he was insane. His sanity returned briefly, long enough for him to return to Geneva for his marriage to Elizabeth. But before Victor could relieve his guilt by sharing his terrible secret with his bride, the monster struck again, this time strangling Elizabeth the first moment she was left unguarded.

After this final loss, Frankenstein devoted the remainder of his life to following the taunting clues the monster left behind as it roamed throughout the world. The climactic moment came as Frankenstein pursued the fiend by dogsled across the Arctic ice floes. For the last time, the monster eluded him as the ice broke apart and Victor was carried away on a floating block of ice.

Frankenstein's end was near. Despite his rescue by a whaling ship, he was doomed. Weakened by his long ordeal, the weary Swiss scientist died, probably in September, 1798, his lifelong guilt unresolved.

The monster he had sought to destroy lived on. Upon the loss of its creator, the monster, finally made aware of its burden of sin, assumed Victor Frankenstein's mantle of guilt. Although it disappeared from view for a while--after vowing to commit suicide--the monster still lives. In 1910 its actions were once again reported to the world, and accounts of its activities persist to this day.

Posthumously, Dr. Frankenstein achieved immortality. The world remembers his name, but mistakenly believes that the monster, now almost 200 years old, is "Frankenstein," a final irony that the good doctor would not have relished.

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