Biography of Electric Psychokinetic Anne-Marie Sch. Part 2

About the psychokinetic German Anne-Marie Sch., biography and history of the woman who caused strange electrical disturbances.


The Electric Phenomenon of Rosenheim

The impulses appeared directly in the line. Several measurements made on Miss Sch. Showed that the phenomenon was linked to states of hypertension. Insofar as could be judged, she had no evil or hostile intention; her entire attitude seemed indicative rather of a desire to help her employer, Mr. Adam, who was greatly disturbed by this phenomenon. Despite the fact that she was on a medical leave of absence, Miss Sch. came to the office every time she was requested to do so, and this made it possible to establish a definite correlation between the phenomenon and her presence. She also submitted to parapsychological tests. During her periods of tension, she showed faculties of clairvoyance that were on a high level.

The most recent news of this girl is very sad. The phenomenon in question apparently followed her along the street and into a bowling alley managed by her fiance. The entire electrical recording apparatus of the bowling alley went out of order, and the fiance, terrified, broke the engagement, whereupon Miss Sch. became ill. This drama shows, in any case, that she had no intention of arranging these manifestations, even if she had had the power.

The manifestations in question, particularly the calls to the automatic telephone number for the correct time, require an extremely high mental power and the exercise of senses that we human beings do not have or that are not known to us. What is involved here is the long-distance emission of electrical signals and their transmission along a line with the precision of about a millisecond. No human being normally possesses such powers, and this is the disturbing aspect of this phenomenon.

The study made by the physicists F. Karger and G. Zicha shows that the Rosenheim phenomenon seemed to be able to cause the needle of a measuring instrument to move, without the presence of any natural phenomenon to explain it. The following natural causes have been examined and eliminated:

1. Variations of voltage in the lines (despite the deflection of the recorder, the voltage remained constant);

2. High-frequency demodulated voltage combining with a nonlinear distinctive wave-length (no signal to the tension probe, test made with a generator having a 100-watt signal);

3. An electrostatic charge;

4. Static outside magnetic field (no signal to the magnetic field probe);

5. Poor contact in the electronic amplification system; mechanism out of order in the recording device (the same phenomena occurred with a second, brand-new recording device, and so this hypothesis must be rejected);

6. Effects of ultrasounds or infrasounds; strong vibrations;

7. The hypothesis of fraud by human intervention in the recording operation was completely eliminated.

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