Biography of Electric Psychokinetic Anne-Marie Sch. Part 3

About the psychokinetic German Anne-Marie Sch., biography and history of the woman who caused strange electrical disturbances.


The Electric Phenomenon of Rosenheim

When a microphone was planted, a signal with an amplitude of 10 volts was detected. This seems to have been the result of a paranormal mechanical pressure on the crystal of the microphone. No sound was heard. The microphone was under surveillance, and no one had gone near it.

When the abnormal impulses of the current were recorded, movements of the recording pencil corresponding to currents of 50 amperes were found. No current was detected.

The recorders were all standard models in perfect adjustment. The rotation of a picture was recorded on a cassette by an Ampex Video Recorder device of the type commonly used in television--the first time that a device of this type recorded ghosts.

A case is known in Great Britain in which a television camera being used in an attempt to film a ghost in a haunted house was pushed by invisible hands and fell into a stairwell, just missing a cameraman. But to date, no one had ever seen standard electronic equipment record phenomena of paranormal origin. For this reason, the Rosenheim case is historic. As regards the electronic aspect, it should be added that the phenomenon continued when the premises were supplied by batteries without being connected into the local supply circuit. This eliminates once and for all the possibility of irregularities in the supply circuit, which, moreover, would have been detected by the maintenance service who maintained a Siemens Unireg recorder on the current feed line throughout the period of these events. The only interesting thing to be found in the report of the maintenance service is the testimony of an employee, who noted that when Miss Sch. passed through the corridor, the light bulbs swayed behind her.

The importance of Doctors Karger and Zicha, who studied the phenomenon on the scientific level, must be emphasized. They are members of the Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics in Munich-Garching, a highly competent scientific institution. The fact that they were authorized to participate in the investigation and make an official report on it is proof of a broad-mindedness that is extremely rare among "established" scientists.

Furthermore, established science, the police, the electric supply company, and German television showed absolutely remarkable understanding and breadth of vision in this matter. The police even accepted a complaint against "X," but to date have not arrested any "spirit."

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