Biography of Eyeless Sight Wonder K. B. Duke Part 2

About the scientific mystery K. B. Duke, biography and history of the Indian magican who can see blindfolded and walk on fire.


Eyeless Sight and Fireproof Skin

When he first met Harry Price, Bux told him that he also possessed the power of eyeless vision. He had been using this power as part of an act while performing at the bottom of the bill in variety theaters all over England. Price was sufficiently intrigued to investigate Bux's claims and staged a series of elaborate blindfold tests. These convinced many scientists and doctors that Bux did indeed possess this remarkable talent. The tests involved placing lumps of dough over his eyes; these were covered with metal foil, then with a wood bandage, and finally with layers of gauze. Despite the apparent blackout, Bux was able to read books, move around an obstacle course without once touching a single barrier, and even ride a bicycle. The only person not convinced was Price, who stated that he thought it was possible for Bux to see normally through his blindfold by obtaining "a line of sight down the side of his nose." Price never believed that Bux had the real gift of eyeless sight, but the public did. From being a bottom-of-the-bill variety act, Bux was suddenly in huge demand everywhere, and he gave some sensational performances around the world. On Sept. 11, 1937, in Liverpool, England, Bux astounded the public by walking along a narrow ledge 200 ft. above the ground while completely blindfolded. In Manchester, England, after being securely blindfolded by doctors who assured everyone present that Bux could see absolutely nothing, Bux walked unaided from the hospital. He mounted his bicycle and drove through the afternoon traffic as confidently as any sighted man, even using hand signals when necessary. Being a great showman with a wonderful flair for publicity, Bux did not miss a trick. A sign on the bicycle read: "Kuda Bux, the Man Who Sees Without Eyes--Tonight, Seven-Thirty, at the Hippodrome."

Bux continued his astounding demonstrations for many years. Despite extensive scientific investigations, no one ever proved that any trickery was involved. Bux has said, "All I know is that it depends entirely on an inner faculty of the mind. I see with the mind's eye--with my intense concentrative powers." It is a gift Bux claims "anybody can develop."

In April, 1977, Bux traveled from America to attend a magicians' convention in Birmingham, England. Although now he seldom gives performances, it was reported that he was "still getting around very well."

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