Biography of Movie Star and Sex Symbol Marilyn Monroe Part 2

About the famous movie star and sex symbol Marilyn Monroe, history and biography of the actress.


MARILYN MONROE (1926-1962)

It took several years for Marilyn's career to get off the ground. Her days and nights away from the studio were spent in tiny rented rooms. Her meals consisted of cottage cheese and raw hamburger, and her only personal luxury (outside of the obligatory clothes and makeup) was a charge account at a small Hollywood bookstore. However, by the time she met Joe DiMaggio, who became her second husband, she was well on her way to becoming America's angel. Together they made an outwardly splendid, if otherwise incongruous, couple. DiMaggio hoped Marilyn would retire from films. He knew the power and the hollowness of fame and felt she would be better off without it, as his wife, raising his children. They were very happy for a time (and would remain friends until her death), but the stardom was not something she could put aside. In saying yes to her public, she had to say no to the man who loved her.

After the breakup of their marriage, Marilyn moved to New York for a while and became intimately involved with Lee and Paula Strasberg and the Actors Studio, which the Strasbergs headed. She began seeing Arthur Miller, whose own marriage was failing. They fell in love, and Miller left for Nevada to obtain a divorce so that they could be married. During his stay in Nevada, he wrote a short story, called "The Misfits," based on some of the people he saw there. Later he turned it into a screenplay and added a starring role for his new wife. It was to be her last film, and the scene of the final breakup of their marriage. For in the years that she and Miller were together, Marilyn was to experience increasingly frequent bouts of depression and insomnia. Having attained the stardom that DiMaggio had warned her about, she found it sorely lacking. There was an emptiness that seemingly no one could fill. Everyone found Marilyn lovable, gorgeous, gifted, yet somehow earmarked for tragedy.

She converted to Judaism when she married Miller. The wedding ceremony was small and private. The Millers bought a country place in Connecticut, where Arthur closeted himself away in his study by day while Marilyn wandered in the fields and puttered around the house. In the evenings they spent time with friends, and Marilyn became close with Carl Sandburg, who lived nearby.

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