Biography of Psychic Detective Gerard Croiset Part 2

About the Psychic Detective Gerard Croiset, biography and history of the Dutch crime fighter and prognosticator.


The Psychic Detective

Invariably, Croiset is told nothing about the crime he has been asked to help solve. The only clue he is given is the object (usually covered or wrapped), which is placed in his hands. Nevertheless, on hundreds of occasions he has had accurate images of the crime as it was committed and of the person responsible for it. His list of successes is long and impressive, and the authenticity of his skill as a psychometrist can not be doubted.

In 1949 he was given two wrapped bundles and immediately said the objects inside were a tobacco box and a blanket. He correctly identified the owners of the tobacco box--two brothers--and described the house in which they lived. He added that the blanket had been used to abduct a small girl, who was then taken to a cow shed and raped. Using Croiset's information, the police promptly apprehended the rapists. One of them--and Croiset predicted this--committed suicide within a week of his conviction.

In June, 1958, Croiset was asked to hold a pair of red slippers. He said: "These shoes belong to a pretty young woman. She was murdered in her home outside a big city in America, near a body of water, by a bushy-haired man." The slippers actually belonged to Marilyn Sheppard, the victim in one of the most controversial murder cases in American history. On July 4, 1954, she had been battered to death in her home on the shore of Lake Erie in Bay Village, a suburb of Cleveland. Her husband, Dr. Sam Sheppard, served 10 years for the crime, which he vehemently denied he had committed. He always claimed that the murderer, who had beaten him unconscious, was "a bushy-haired man." In 1966 the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the verdict against Sheppard.

On Feb. 25, 1961, Croiset helped the New York police trace a missing four-year-old girl named Edith "Google" Kiecorius. Through a series of transatlantic telephone calls, he pinpointed the exact place where the girl could be found--dead. Precisely as he had foretold, the girl's body was there, and through the description he gave, the murderer was quickly arrested and later committed to a hospital for the criminally insane. Although Croiset was invited to the U.S., he deliberately chose not to make the trip, because he felt he would "choke on all the impressions" he would receive. Yet he was able to clearly identify streets and buildings in New York despite the fact that he had never been in America.

If often happens that although Croiset's images are correct, they cannot further the cause of justice. He has at times confirmed police suspicions as to the identity of a criminal, but although he has provided vitally important information, it may not be enough to obtain a legal conviction.

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