Biography of Psychic Detective Gerard Croiset Part 3

About the Psychic Detective Gerard Croiset, biography and history of the Dutch crime fighter and prognosticator.


The Psychic Detective

Although he lacks a college education, Croiset has identified many lost manuscripts, historic objects, and fossils. Historians and scientists have obtained new knowledge about the past through his images. He finds missing possessions, missing animals, and--his favorite discovery of all--lost children. Nothing stirs his sympathy so much as the case of a lost child. "I have five children myself," he says. On Sunday, June 22, 1963, Dutch police informed him that two brothers, aged 8 and 11, were missing. It was 2:00 A.M., and although still half-asleep, Croiset concentrated on the matter, then reassured the police. He said that the two boys were sleeping in a barn because they were tired from riding their bicycles--and that they would arrive home by ten o'clock that morning. The children were home at 9:30 A.M.

Croiset's extrasensory powers cannot be turned on to order. There are days when he can "see" and others when he cannot. He has to feel inspired, and feel that what he is doing is useful, before he can help anyone. He is sometimes reluctant to assist in murder cases because an innocent bystander might be hurt. He is even more reluctant to help in cases of theft--unless the public good is involved. If the money is stolen from someone rich enough to afford the loss, Croiset's sympathy is not aroused, even though impressions come to him from some related object held. Croiset will not accept money for helping either the general public or the police. He does ask the people he helps privately to send a full report of their cases to Professor Tenhaeff. "My work has to help society. I have a gift of God which I do not understand. I cannot use it just to make money for myself. If I do, I may lose it."

Croiset's other amazing talent is to see into the future, and he has proved this remarkable skill by a series of famous "chair tests." Over 400 times he has described the characteristics and previous experiences of the unknown person who would occupy a certain chair in a lecture hall at a forthcoming public meeting.

Today Croiset earns a living by practicing magnetic healing. He has no hobbies, though he loves traveling, especially at high speed. He lives with his wife, Gerda, and three of their five children on William the Silent Street in Utrecht. But there is nothing quiet about Croiset himself. He talks incessantly and often starts "seeing" when he stops speaking. He declines to use his powers to see into his own future.

Postscript. Gerard Croiset, Jr., has inherited his father's gifts. He recently located two American girls who had disappeared after going for a walk on Folly Beach, near Charleston, S.C. Gerard had never been to America, yet he drew an accurate map of the area, pinpointing minute details such as bus stops, and informed the police precisely where the two girls would be found together. They were found buried in shallow graves after having been murdered.

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