Biography of Soap Character Joanne Vincente Part 1

About the soap character Joanne Vincente, history and biography of the soap opera character.



Joanne Vincente was born Joanne Gardner, the older of the two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gardner. Not much is known of Joanne's early life, but while still a young woman she married Keith Barron, with whom she lived comfortably in the city of Henderson. Jo and Keith had a daughter, Patti, and were blissfully happy until Keith was killed in an auto accident. Although grief-stricken, Joanne took a job at Henderson Hospital so she could support herself and Patti without having to rely on her wealthy but over-possessive in-laws.

Everyone in Henderson admired the courageous young widow, and Joanne was always ready to give help and moral support to her many friends and relatives. At the hospital she met Arthur Tate, and the two of them eventually fell in love. Together they bought and ran the Motor Haven, but their plans for marriage were constantly stymied by the schemes of the local crime syndicate, which hoped to gain control of their motel and use it as a front for a drug-peddling operation. In the process of foiling one of these criminal schemes, Arthur was shot and left an invalid. It took quite a while for Jo to convince Arthur to marry her because he was afraid he would be a burden.

Once his health improved, Arthur made Joanne Mrs. Tate, but it wasn't long before severe business problems began to plague the newly-weds. Jo and Arthur had a son, Duncan Eric, but the little boy was killed when he ran into the street and was hit by a car. To complicate the Tates' lives further, Joanne's father, now a widower, came to live with them, as did Jo's younger sister, Eunice. Eunice was a troublemaker and soon persuaded the weak-willed Arthur to have an affair with her. Both later regretted the heartache they had caused Joanne. Arthur was so guilt-stricken that he couldn't even bear to face his wife. He accepted a position in Puerto Rico. After some time there, he returned, but depressed over business troubles and by his past guilt, he became an alcoholic. Joanne faithfully stood by her husband, but Arthur died of a heart attack that was aggravated by his drinking and by a paternity suit that had been filed against him.

Once again a bereaved widow, Joanne returned to Henderson Hospital as a librarian. Now her energies were focused on the trials and tribulations of her friends, but it was daughter Patti who was her chief concern. Patti had become a neurotic young woman. Hungry for love, she was constantly involved with highly unsuitable men. Joanne nursed Patti through more than one romantic crisis, an aborted pregnancy, and confinement to a wheelchair.

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