Biography of Star Trek Vulcan Spock Part 1

About the famous Vulcan Spock, history and biography of the Star Trek character.



The dignified, imperturbable first officer of the starship Enterprise was born in the 23rd century on the planet Vulcan to a Vulcan father and a human mother. Like all Vulcans, he has pointed ears and green blood as well as superhuman strength and intellect. From early childhood he was taught to suppress all emotion, abhorred by Vulcans as the prime cause of violence, and to exalt logic.

Spock's father, Sarek, was a distinguished scientist and ambassador; his mother, Amanda, was a teacher. Sarek never explained his odd choice of a human (i.e., emotional) mate, except to say, "It seemed the logical thing to do." Although Spock loved his mother, he never told her so; he was ashamed of his feelings and his human ancestry. A lonely child, without brothers or sisters, Spock was teased by his Vulcan playmates for being different.

Around the age of seven he was married, Vulcan-fashion, to a child bride named T'Pring, in a loveless ceremony arranged by the young couple's parents. Theoretically, Spock and T'Pring would come together in adulthood at the "time of mating." Mature Vulcan males feel an overwhelming physical mating urge about every seven years, and their females submit passively at this time.

Spock's father taught him science and computer technology and wanted him to enter the Vulcan Science Academy and devote his life to pure research. However, Spock's restlessness and insatiable curiosity (the human elements in his personality) led him to choose the Space Service instead. As a consequence, his tradition-bound father stopped speaking to him.

After eight years at the Space Academy, Spock joined the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, presently under the command of Capt. James T. Kirk. The Vulcan rose to the rank of commander and became known as "the best first officer in the fleet." The feud with his father lasted 18 years, and during this time Spock seldom revisited Vulcan. The Sarek, on an ambassadorial mission, ran into his son aboard the Enterprise. Because of a sudden illness, the stiff-necked ambassador needed a blood transfusion, and only Spock could provide the rare T-negative blood needed to save his life. This incident resulted in a reconciliation between father and son.

The Enterprise, with a crew of over 400, is the largest starship in the fleet of the United Federation of Planets. Its mission is peaceful exploration of the galaxy. Its captain must observe the Prime Directive: noninterference with other life forms. Unless alien life forms constitute a threat, this directive must never be violated. The Klingons, a warlike and unscrupulous but technologically advanced people, continually harass the mission.

Spock is second in command and the ship's science officer, working at the library-computer station on the bridge. The only Vulcan abroad, he is uniquely qualified to assist Captain Kirk. In addition to having unflinching courage, Spock is gifted with supersensitive sight and hearing, telepathic powers, total recall, and the ability to calculate with fine precision and lightning speed. He can deliver a deft pinch on the neck which renders an enemy helpless but does not kill. As a Vulcan he abhors Killing but can kill efficiently for a logical reason (Spock is, incidentally, a strict vegetarian). He is no narrow specialist, but well versed in art, history, and music. He won second prize in the All-Vulcan Music Competition. His instrument is the Vulcan harp.

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