Biography of Star Trek Vulcan Spock Part 2

About the famous Vulcan Spock, history and biography of the Star Trek character.



Three-dimensional chess is Spock's favorite form of recreation. The fact that Kirk can beat his first officer at chess is symbolic of the relationship between them. The captain's fully developed human imagination and intuition often prevail over Vulcan logic. Spock understands this and gladly serves under Kirk--whom he admires above all other men--without jealousy or rivalry. The Vulcan's relationship with the rest of the crew is distant. His pride, computerlike intellect, and inability to make small talk preclude intimacy.

The ship's chief medical officer, Dr. Leonard McCoy, often attempts to probe beneath Spock's impassive surface by making sarcastic and, at times, cruel remarks that are designed to provoke a "human" emotional response. Although the two are mutually supportive in large matters, they bicker constantly over small ones, seldom verbalizing their genuine respect and concern for each other. Spock can never forget that he is a half-breed, effectively alienated from humans as well as Vulcans.

After he had not seen T'Pring, his child bride, for many years, Spock was suddenly seized by the mating urge. He became highly irrational as instinct took over. Shocked by the change in their friend, Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy accompanied Spock to Vulcan to claim his wife. She, however, rejected Spock in favor of another Vulcan male. Vulcan law allowed her to select a champion to fight Spock to the death. She chose Kirk. Spock, in a trancelike state, nearly killed his friend during the ensuing duel. Kirk was saved only by the quick thinking of McCoy, who administered a death-simulating hypo to the captain. Later, his mating urge sublimated in battle, the brokenhearted Spock uncharacteristically displayed the human emotions of grief and subsequent joy as Captain Kirk seemingly returned from the dead.

Between mating times, Vulcans have no interest in sex, let alone in love. Spock does not respond to the devotion shown by Enterprise nurse Christine Chapel. There have been rare occasions when, under the influence of mind-altering drugs or time warps, his repressed emotions have surfaced and he has evidenced a love for human females. On Omicron Ceti III, for example, after being exposed to the spores of a plant which worked on the central nervous system, he fell in love with Leila, an earth woman. But in each case, once the mind-altering condition ended, he has reverted to his normal celibate habits.

Spock will probably never command his own starship. While he does not fear command, neither does he desire it. Although his is a dangerous life, it is challenging and fulfilling for one with his capabilities. True to his Vulcan heritage, he does not seek to be happy but only to serve, governed by the highest principles of loyalty, a devotion to duty, and a belief in personal honor.

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