Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Championship Tournament Part 1

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including the first and quarter final rounds.


Data Boxing is a new system of sports simulation developed by Dr. Julian E. Compton, a professor of humanities at Florida A. & M. Dr. Compton is the coauthor of The World Champion Boxing Quiz and a regular contributor to All Sports Digest, Boxing Illustrated, and Table Top Sports. His 10-year project to determine the best boxers in history employs a complex system of statistical analysis that rates the champions of each division on as many as 155 variables (KOs, TKOs, number and type of wins, specific rounds won, and so on). This data, taken from the fighters' peak periods (usually two to four years), is fed into a computer, which simulates a series of bouts between all of the fighters in a division. This simulation program for the heavyweight division calls for 15-round bouts staged in New York and judged on a point system--parameters that Compton feels are representative for most of the boxers involved. Another salient feature of this system is the consistent interpretation of rules and scoring.

The final rankings represent nearly 3,000 match-ups. Dr. Compton does not consider these results to be definitive or final. But he does contend that this is the most comprehensive and reliable system to date.

Data Boxing's All-Time Heavyweight Tournament

First Round--8 received byes by seeds


Jim Jeffries KO 1 Ezzard Charles

Bob Fitzsimmons TKO 1 Floyd Patterson Patterson down twice

Max Schmeling TKO 14 James Braddock 6 rounds each, Braddock down 4 times last 2 rounds

Jim Corbett W 15 Primo Carnera 14-1 rounds (Corbett won 14 rounds, Carnera 1)

Max Baer TKO 12 Jersey Joe Walcott 8-3 in rounds, Walcott down in rounds 3, 6, and 12

Sonny Liston TKO 1 Tommy Burns No knockdowns

Jess Willard KO 6 Jimmy Ellis 0-4 in rounds, Willard behind

Jack Sharkey W 15 Ingemar Johansson 12-2 in rounds

Second Round

Muhammad Ali W 15 Jeffries 11-4 in rounds

Joe Louis TKO 8 Fitzsimmons 4-2 in rounds, Fitzsimmons down in round 8

Jack Johnson TKO 11 Schmeling 9-1 in rounds, Schmeling down in round 11

Joe Frazier TKO 11 Corbett 6-1 in rounds

Jack Dempsey TKO 6 Baer 3-2 in rounds, Baer down in round 6

George Foreman TKO 7 Liston 3-3 in rounds

Gene Tunney W 15 Willard 11-4 in rounds

Rocky Marciano W 15 Sharkey 10-4 in rounds

Quarter Finals

Ali W 15 Louis 13-2 in rounds

Johnson W 15 Frazier 10-5 in rounds

Dempsey KO 1 Foreman

Tunney TKO 11 Marciano 6-4 in rounds, Marciano down in round 11

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