Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Tournament Part 2 Ali v. Jack Johnson

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including a match between Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson.




Two colorful boxers, both strong on defense and both important in the social history of the U.S., put their long careers on the line in this outstanding match-up. The only thing sure was that it would probably go the distance.

Round 1: Ali misses a right and begins dancing. Uncharacteristically, Johnson moves in aggressively with a flurry of five head blows. Johnson follows with two stinging rights, a left-right-left combination, and another right, which brings blood from Ali's nose. Ali goes on his bicycle and gets in three long lefts at the round. Johnson's round.

Round 2: Johnson gets in a quick three-blow combination, then misses a right as Ali begins to move. Ali scores two jabs, moves in, dances out, scores two long lefts, then a stinging right. Ali's fluid dancing motion seems to mesmerize Johnson as another left scores at the bell. Ali's round.

Round 3: Ali scores with two stinging rights, dances away, and misses with the right. Johnson scores with two lefts. Ali misses a right, scores a jab, dances away, flicks in another jab, and stings with a right at round's end. Ali's round.

Round 4: Johnson slips a left, but Ali gets in with a left-right-left. Ali jabs, slips a left, misses with the right, and follows with another three-blow combination. Ali's round.

Round 5: Ali coasting, dances and gets in a jab. Johnson scores with a combination and a jab to take his first round since round one. Johnson's round.

Round 6: Ali jabs and misses a right. Johnson slips a left, scores with a jab and a right uppercut. Ali gets in two lefts, dances, misses a right, dances, slips a left, and misses a right. Ali's round.

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