Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Tournament Part 3 Ali v. Jack Johnson

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including a match between Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson.




Round 7: Ali, dancing, slips two lefts. Johnson, more aggressive, misses a right, then scores one. Johnson scores several blows to the body and Ali holds on. Johnson's round.

Round 8: Johnson moves close but Ali backs off and stings him with a right lead, followed by a left. Ali dances and dances, getting in another hard right and a hard left, and slips a left. Ali's round.

Round 9: Johnson is again all over Ali in close, and Ali offers little defense. Undaunted, Ali backs off, and Johnson misses two rights. Johnson's round.

Round 10: Johnson moves close, misses a right, gets a jab which is matched by Ali's jab. Probably an even round, with Ali up 5-4-1 after 10 in this reporter's unofficial scorecard.

Round 11: Ali dances, then misses a right. Johnson scores a right and left, then moves close but with no effect. Ali scores a right lead, dances, and gets in a left. Johnson misses a right, scores a left, and misses a right. Ali is slipping blows and dancing at the bell. Close round.

Round 12: Johnson misses a right, moves close, can't score, and gets in a jab. Ali dances, controlling Johnson, and gets in a furious left-right-left combination, then misses a right. Johnson misses a right, fails in close, scores a jab and a three-blow combination. Ali comes on strong while dancing with a long left, another three-blow combination, misses a right, gets in a stinging right, and is still dancing at the bell. Ali's round.

Round 13: Ali brings blood from Johnson's mouth with a right and misses a right. Johnson fails in close but gets in a left and a right. Close round to Johnson.

Round 14: Ali dances, scores a left, dances, takes a right, dances, gets in a strong right, takes a jab, and continues to dance. Slight advantage to Ali.

Round 15: Ali's dancing, slipping, and jabbing has probably built up a slight lead as they touch gloves for the last round. Johnson tries to be aggressive, but Ali dances and slips blows in a picture of poetry in defensive motion. Johnson cannot land a blow. Ali's round.


Referee: 11-4 rounds, 16-7 points, Ali

Judge 1: 9-6 rounds, 14-9 points, Ali

Judge 2: 9-6 rounds, 17-11 points, Ali

Ali showed a slight superiority over Johnson, but it was far from overwhelming.

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