Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Tournament Part 4 Dempsey v. Tunney

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including a match between Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney.




This is the only bout in the tournament in which the opponents had actually met. When Dempsey lost his title on a 10-round decision to Tunney in 1926, he had not fought in three years and was past his peak. In this dream bout, they are scheduled for 15 rounds and both are at their peaks.

Round 1: Dempsey rushes out and misses with a wild right. Tunney slips a jab and scores one. Dempsey scores with a left and misses another wild right. Tunney scores with a jab and brings blood from Dempsey's nose. Dempsey jabs left, misses with a wild left hook, and gets another jab. Tunney scores with another jab. Tunney's round, slightly.

Round 2: Dempsey moves close for a left-right-left to the body. He backs off and scores with a jab. Tunney scores with a hard right and follows with two left jabs. Dempsey moves close without scoring, then backs off for a jab and misses a wild right. Tunney scores another hard right, jabs with a left, and misses with a hard right. Tunney is dancing and slipping blows as the round ends. Tunney's round.

Round 3: Dempsey moves close but again cannot score. He backs up and gets in a jab. Tunney slips a left and gets in one of his own. Tunney stings Dempsey with a left-right-left to the head. Tunney scores another left-right-left and takes control of the fight. Tunney scores another hard right at the bell.

Round 4: Dempsey leads with a wild right. Tunney also misses a wild right. Tunney jabs, slips a jab, and scores another hard right to the chin.

Round 5: Tunney slips some blows, gets in a left jab, and misses a right in a slow round.

Round 6: Dempsey moves close and scores a left to the body. Tunney coasting, scores a left jab, follows with a stinging right to the head, and jabs at the bell.

Round 7: Trailing badly, Dempsey opens with his usual rush in close, misses a wild right to the head, and backs off for a jab. Tunney jabs back and slips some blows. Dempsey gets in for a left-right-left to the body that hurts Tunney. Dempsey scores his first big right to the head and follows with a left-right-left combination. Dempsey misses a wild right at the bell. Dempsey's first round, but a big one.

Round 8: Tunney tries to reestablish himself, missing a wild right. Tunney scores a left-right-left to the head. Dempsey jabs left at long range. Two more toying jabs by Dempsey and then a wild right misses. Dempsey scores with a solid right that puts Tunney down, and he is counted out at 2:43 of round 8.

Dempsey was outboxed by Tunney but finally caught up with him.

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