Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Tournament Part 5 Dempsey v. Ali

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including the finals between Dempsey and Ali.




The classic slugger-vs.-boxer match-up. Ali had beaten sluggers Jeffries and Louis; Dempsey had beaten the boxer Tunney on the way to the finals. Who would prevail as the all-time champ?

Round 1: Dempsey starts fast as usual, moving close, then scoring three body blows. Backing off, he misses with two wild lefts. He scores with a left jab and right cross. Again he moves close but cannot score. He jabs at long range and misses a wild right at the bell.

Round 2: Dempsey moves close but can't score. Ali scores with a left-right-left combination to take the round.

Round 3: Dempsey jabs twice, misses on a wild swing, then scores a three-blow combination. Dempsey floors Ali for an eight-count with a left hook. Dempsey goes after him, missing with a left but scoring with a right. Ali rallies, scoring with a strong right lead and a left-right-left that stings Dempsey. Dempsey jabs at the round's end. Dempsey's round.

Round 4: Dempsey misses wild, then scores a combination to the head. Dempsey misses again wildly, then jabs at the bell.

Round 5: In a slow round, Ali swings wildly, and Dempsey hits low, for which he receives a warning. It is Ali's round, slightly.

Round 6: Ali dances, slipping punches; Dempsey swings wildly, then draws blood from the nose with a right. Ali floors Dempsey for a four-count with a right. Dempsey comes back pressing; Ali misses wildly. They exchange two jabs, and Ali slips punches at the bell. Ali's round.

Round 7: Dempsey scores with a right. Ali comes back with a right and a long left. Dempsey again hits low and is warned. Ali's round.

Round 8: Dempsey moves in, scores with a left to the head, then hits low and is warned again. Dempsey gets close and brings blood from the nose again. Ali comes back with a strong right and slips punches as the round ends. Dempsey's round by a hair.

Round 9: Dempsey takes a lackluster round with a long-range jab.

Round 10: Dempsey moves close but cannot score. Ali coasts, giving Dempsey the round and a 6-4 lead at this point.

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