Boxing All-Time Heavyweight Tournament Part 6 Dempsey v. Ali

About a computer simulated boxing heavyweight championship of all the greatest fighters in history including the finals between Dempsey and Ali.




Round 11: Ali dances, slipping punches. Dempsey gets in two jabs, but Ali comes back with a left-right-left combination. Dempsey again brings blood from the nose, but undaunted Ali jabs, slips blows, and brings blood from Dempsey's mouth with a combination. Ali scores with a left-right-left, and Dempsey clinches for his life. Ali gets free and scores a big left-right-left, and Dempsey clinches for the last 20 sec. Big round for Ali.

Round 12: Ali dances while Dempsey gets in a couple of jabs. Dempsey again brings nose blood, but Ali jabs and has Dempsey's nose bleeding. Ali jabs, misses a couple of wild blows, then hits him with a nine-blow combination, and Dempsey has had it.

Round 13: Dempsey wobbles out and Ali blasts him with a left-right-left combination. Dempsey is finished, but the referee will not do his duty and stop it. Ali now lets up, scoring a right and a left and backing off.

Round 14: Ali is dancing and slipping Dempsey's weak blows. Dempsey gets in three light lefts, and Ali answers with another three-blow combination to demonstrate his mastery.

Round 15: Dempsey jabs, then showing some recuperation, he stings Ali with a combination to the head. Ali, frustrated, misses wildly. Ali stings Dempsey with a right, then dances away. Ali clinches as Dempsey moves close at the bell. It is probably Dempsey's round.


Referee: 9-6 rounds, 14-8 points, Ali

Judge 1: 8-7 rounds, 12-9 points, Ali

Judge 2: 8-7 rounds, 16-12 points, Ali

Ali, trailing after 10 rounds, came on strong to all but TKO Dempsey in round 12. When the referee did not stop it, Ali, who could not knock out Dempsey, maintained his victory with superior boxing ability.

By beating Jeffries, Louis, Johnson, and Dempsey, Ali clearly proved his claim of being the all-time best. He won each bout by a 15-round decision--something very unusual in the heavyweight division. But this was the Ali of the years 1963-1967, when he was at his peak. He was more of a boxer at that time and had not developed the power of his later years. It is not necessary to ask how good Ali would have been without his three-year layoff. The data indicates that he had already demonstrated actual ability in the ring and does not have to be judged by his potential. He really was the greatest, but that was from 1963 to 1967. He accomplished great things later against Foreman and Frazier, but in none of those performances was he as good as he was at his peak. On Feb. 15, 1978, he lost the title to Leon Spinks in a split decision. However, at his peak he was and is the all-time best.

Data Boxing's Current All-time Rankings


1. Muhammad Ali

2. Jack Dempsey

3. Jack Johnson

4. Gene Tunney

5. Joe Louis

6. Joe Frazier

7. Rocky Marciano

8. Jim Jeffries

9. George Foreman

10. Sam Langford

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