Bruce Felton's Collection of Fun and Bizarre Trivia Part 2

A collection of random facts and fun trivia from oddity hunter Bruce Felton including the worst cure and most unusual blitzkrieg.


Bruce Felton's 10 Best Oddities

7. Worst cure: In February, 1685, King Charles II of England died of a stroke, or so his biographers claim. More likely it was the treatment for the stroke that did the monarch in.

On the morning of the stroke, 12 physicians were summoned to the royal chambers, and they immediately embarked upon an exhaustive treatment aimed at purging all poisons from the king's body. First they relieved him of nearly a quart of blood; they also fed him massive doses of emetics to make him vomit up the toxins, along with everything else, in his stomach; and they purged his intestines with a jolting 14-ingredient enema. The king's sickness, however, persisted.

Over the next few days, the doctors shaved Charles's scalp and singed it with burning irons, filled his nose with sneezing powder, blanketed him with hot plasters which they then tore off (much to his displeasure), and administered another series of potent enemas, one of which bore fruit, so to speak, 16 times in one night. Still no improvement. Charles complained of a sore throat and various body aches and suffered cold sweats, for which the medics daubed his feet with an unlikely emollient of resin and pigeon feces.

The treatment produced no results, and Charles sank quickly. Frantically, the doctors subjected the ailing king to bleedings, holes drilled in his skull, and repeated doses of purgatives, cathartics, and rockshivering enemas in a last-ditch effort to scour his insides clean as a hound's tooth. On the fifth day, apologizing for taking so long to die, Charles breathed his last.

8. Worst position for sexual intercourse: Sexual intercourse between consenting anglerfish is limited to only one position--but what a position it is! The male anglerfish, considerably smaller and weaker than the female, sinks his teeth into his mate just above her eyes and hangs on for dear life--forever. Meanwhile, his body atrophies from disuse, and by the time he dies, he has been reduced to a set of disembodied, orally located sex organs. His fins, body, and lower organs have withered away long before. According to MIT biologist Robert Bener, "He's essentially a male wart on the female's forehead."

9. Best proof that winning isn't everything--it's the only thing: The ancient Incas played a primitive form of basketball, the object of which was to shoot a solid rubber ball through a stone ring placed high on a wall. The winner was traditionally awarded the clothes of all spectators present. The loser was put to death.

10. Most unusual blitzkrieg: During the early days of W.W.II, a psychologist on the staff of the British secret service observed that despite Adolf Hitler's much-bandied-about deviant sexual predilections, he seemed unwilling to admit to himself that pornography was rampant throughout Germany. Thus, the psychologist theorized, if a heady dose of Aryan lewdness were to be pushed in Hitler's face, the dictator would suffer a mental breakdown and the leaderless Germans would lose the war. He suggested that a squadron of RAF fliers bomb Hitler's home with several tons of the ripest pornographic art and literature available in Germany.

The plan might have worked but for the reluctance of the RAF fliers. Ordinarily willing to carry out the orders of their government without question, the fliers refused to risk life and limb carpet-bombing Adolf Hitler with photographs of women copulating with Shetland ponies. The war, they said, would have to be won through more orthodox means.

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