Buried Treasure? 11 People Buried With Objects Part 1

About 11 famous people who were buried with interesting or strange object when they died.


1. TUTANKHAMEN (c. 1358 B.C.). Buried with his treasures

The epitome of the man who took it with him, "King Tut" went out in style. Among the thousands of items found in his tomb: a solid gold portrait mask which covered the head of his mummy, a jeweled cosmetic jar topped by a lion sticking out its tongue, hundreds of gold figurines, a child's chair of ebony inlaid with ivory, 15 gold and jeweled rings, enough seeds to plant a large garden, boat paddles, ear and neck ornaments, 50 ornamental vases, robes, sandals, arrows, bows, boomerangs, and a forked stick for catching snakes.

2. SIR WALTER RALEIGH (1618). Buried with his favorite pipe and a tin of tobacco

In his will, Sir Walter also specified, "I wish every smoker in the kingdom to be invited to my funeral..... Every smoker who takes advantage of the invitation shall receive as a present ten pounds tobacco, and two pipes." Raleigh also left instructions that his coffin was to be "lined throughout with the wood of my old Havana cigar-boxes." All the requests were followed to the letter, and Sir Walter went out in a glorious puff of smoke.

3. ELIZABETH ROSSETTI (1862). Buried with a manuscript of poems by her husband, Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Despairing over his wife's death, a possible suicide, the poet ordered a manuscript of his poems to be interred with her. Eight years later he had the coffin dug up to retrieve the manuscript.

4. JAMES BUTLER "WILD BILL" HICKOK (1876). Buried with his Sharps rifle

Killed by Jack McCall during a poker game, Wild Bill, according to his desires, was buried with his trusty rifle. At the time of his death he also had in his possession a pair of .38 Colts, two .44 revolvers, a .32 Smith and Wesson, and two .41 derringers.

5. REUBEN JOHN SMITH (1899). Buried with an easy chair and his favorite checkerboard

Reuben Smith liked his comfort. Buried in Buffalo, N.Y., he had selected a new recliner chair of upholstered russet leather and was interred in a sitting position, the checkerboard on his lap. A practical man, Smith also ordered that he be dressed in a hat and warm coat, and that a key to the tomb be placed in his coat pocket. As far as is known, the key was never used.

6. RUDOLPH VALENTINO (1926). Buried with a slave bracelet

Given the bracelet by his wife, Natacha, Valentino upset his studio by wearing it, despite the snickers of the press. "In time, other men will be wearing such bracelets and no one will laugh," Valentino predicted. He insisted on wearing it on his deathbed and demanded that it be buried with him.

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