Buried Treasure? 11 People Buried With Objects Part 2

About 11 famous people who were buried with interesting or strange object when they died.


7. BELA LUGOSI (1956). Buried in his black Dracula cape

Haunted in his later years by drug addiction, Lugosi died in poverty. His last wish was to be buried in the cape he had worn in his Dracula films. Commenting on the funeral, one of Lugosi's best friends noted: "It was strange, for I've seen Bela lying in his coffin so often that it was a familiar sight."

8. HUMPHREY BOGART (1957). Buried with a small gold whistle

Placed by his wife, Lauren Bacall, in the silver urn with Bogart's ashes, the whistle was inscribed: "If you need anything, just whistle," the immortal line delivered by Bacall to Bogart in To Have and Have Not, their first film together.

9. SANDRA ILENE WEST (1977). Buried seated at the wheel of a Ferrari

Thirty-seven-year-old Sandra West, according to her request, was buried in her baby-blue 1964 Ferrari. The seat was placed at a comfortable slant and West was wearing her favorite lace nightgown. According to court instructions, West and her automobile were interred in a large box and covered over with two truckloads of cement to discourage vendals.

10. HARRY "THE HORSE" FLAMBURIS (1977). Buried with his motorcycle

On Apr. 22, 1977, a contingent of Hell's Angels turned up on the slopes of Cypress Lawn Cemetery near San Francisco to bury the motorcycle of their recently murdered leader, "Harry the Horse." One of the bikers admitted that they don't usually bury their machines, but added, "We're doing it just in this case because the bike is a special kind of bike and we don't anyone else ever to have it." Flamburis had been buried at Cypress Lawn a couple of months earlier.

11. ELVIS PRESLEY (1977). Buried with a diamond ring

Presley was buried wearing a diamond ring set with jagged lightning bolts and bearing the letters TCB, an in phrase with Presley's troupe reported to mean "Take Care of Business." Presley once had 200 similar rings made up and distributed to his friends.

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