Buried Treasures in North America Joe Mullinen's Loot

About buried treasure in North America, history of Joe Mullinen's loot, account of previous searches and location in New Jersey.


Joe Mullinen's Loot

In the late 1700s, bandit Joe Mullinen and his gang of 100 outlaws ran a Robin Hood operation out of the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. They gave only part of the money away; the rest they buried.

How It Got There: Tory Joe Mullinen spent the American Revolution robbing and burning farms and kidnapping maidens. A kind of colonial terrorist, he hid out in his 100,000-acre retreat, which consisted of woods and swamps. There, it is said, he buried much of his loot.

A boozer and womanizer, he liked to go to parties, and it was at a barn dance in New Columbia (now Nesco) that he was captured by Indian fighter Captain Baylin and his men. The rest of the gang was taken later in a battle at Hemlock Swamp. In August of 1781, Mullinen was hanged for robbery and high treason.

Previous Searches: Local New Jerseyites have been searching for Mullinen's loot since the 18th century.

How to Get There: The Pine Barrens, 1,000 sq. mi. of wilderness, is in the southern part of New Jersey and can be reached by taking the Garden State Parkway. Try looking around Nesco, off Route 30, and in Mordecai, Cold Spring, and Hemlock Swamps.

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